Testimony - Ron

I’ve been under Dr. Calhoun’s care for six years. When I started I was having severe back pain. I had previously even had injections in my back multiple times in order to relieve the pain. The injections did not help me for longer than about a week at a time. After I started seeing Dr. Calhoun he began a series of adjustments and within about six months I was pain free! Six years later I do not suffer from any back pain at all. His coaching on sensible eating habits and light exercises have helped me to lose about 20 pounds. He genuinely cares about all of his patients and is so easy to talk with. He has always demonstrated a great Christian attitude. He has a true compassion for his patients well being.
The staff makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated. I can’t say enough about the professional care and genuineness of the entire staff. I highly recommend Dr. Calhoun to anyone. Don’t wait until pain sets in before you find out that chiropractic adjustments can do a lot now to prevent future issues
— Ron