“Everyone calls me by name. I love that.”
— Vanessa

I feel better all the way around. My headaches have almost all gone away, and my lower back feels better. I love the people and environment, it’s always positive.
— Angela

I have had less pain and its been easier to do things around the house.
— Jessica

I feel so at home, in and out, there is not time to read a magazine.
— Jeff

I needed to do something, I have been to chiropractic in the past. I did not get the results I needed until I received treatment from Dr. Calhoun.
— Dennis

My favorite thing about the office is the little waiting time, kid friendly environment, and many available appointment times.
— Jessica

From the first visit my shoulder and hand pain has been much better. I love the holistic approach to health, I’m on board.
— Regina

I have lost weight and am still trying to lose more. I have more energy and don’t hurt so much at work and am improving with that. I feel better about myself. I can bend over better to tie my shoes, clothes are a lot looser and I can now walk over a mile.
— Christie

Dr. Calhoun and his staff have been so supportive. They build me up and encourage me. The workshops are very informative and helpful. It feels good to know that I have a better neck curve and that my organs can function better so that I can have the body and life that God intended for me. The high fives are nice too.
— Cindy

Thank you Dr. Calhoun and staff from the bottom of my heart, I feel alive again.
— Christy

I had already seen 8 to 10 chiropractors and I am shocked as the difference. Dr. Calhoun has made a difference in 2 ½ months that other chiropractors did in 2 to 3 years. I feel 20 years younger.
— Michael

I feel better and like the friendly atmosphere.
— Willie

I’m just so happy I found Dr. Ryan.
— Mattie

I had extreme lower back pain from playing volleyball, and within four visits my pain was minimal.
— Jason

I’ve been to at least ten other chiropractors and have four surgeries. This has been the first to make me more limber, loose, and a whole lost less pain.
— Rick

My favorite thing about the office is the positive environment and acceptance of everybody as they are, the staff has a real passion for what they do.
— Wanda

We love the Christian family friendly atmosphere.
— Rick

Every time I come in the environment is so encouraging, my pain is less and I sleep better.
— Wanda

My favorite thing about the office has been the friendliness of all the staff; the thorough treatment and the complete explanation of the treatment plan.
— Morgan

I have been here four years and have no more pain! I am continuing to come for maintenance because the quality of my life is important to me.
— Rosemary

My favorite things about the office are the atmosphere, friendliness, care, appointments and the exercise classes are one of my weekly highlights.
— Rachelle